Stemgember, gemberblokje, gembersnippers

Fi-Ji Ginger

Famous for its mild flavour and soft structure

Vrouw die een lekker blokje gember eet

Organic Fi-Ji ginger products

Fiji ginger is harvested where the nutrient-rich volcanic soil packs it with trace elements and minerals. Fi-ji Organic Ginger is hand-cultivated, 100% certified organic and free of chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, and additives. Enjoy it for its amazing flavor.


Food service

For the food-serving industry, ginger is one of the most important herbs to use in their dishes. Chefs know how ginger can bring a fuller flavor to any dish.


Fi-Ji ginger is an extraordinary product. It combines well with everything, such as dairy, fish, meat, pastries, chocolate, fruit, sauces, dressing, marinade, cereals, etc.


For more than 5000 years, ginger has been known as a healthy super food. The Fi-Ji stem ginger finds its way to the consumer in syrup, and the loose crystal ginger in bags and cups.


Looking for an alternative for Fi-Ji Ginger?

China ginger is harvested in the south of China. Unlike Fi-Ji ginger ginger China ginger has a more spicy flavor and a slightly firmer texture. Eljap supplies China ginger as an bulk alternative to Fi-Ji ginger.

Take your food creations to another level
with the unique flavour of Fi-Ji ginger

"For more than 5000 years, ginger has been known as a healthy herb with a wonderful flavor. The stem ginger and its syrup are extraordinary and versatile ingredients, and combine well with a long list of base products."

Fi·Ji Ginger's as medicine

The medicinal use of ginger has a long history in traditions all over the world. Apart from the endless possibilities with ginger as an ingredient or delicacy, it is believed to also have medicinal effects. We can't confirm this, but we did find extensive lists online of the different effects of ginger, such as:

  • dokterImproves digestion
  • Helps by motion sickness
  • Softens a sore throat
  • Has a painkilling effect
  • Helps against convulsions
  • Reduction of thrombosis
  • Lowering of cholesterol levels
  • Strengthening the heart
  • Improvement of the metabolism to reduce migraine
  • A natural aphrodisiac
  • Fights rheumatic diseases

Eljap at Food Ingredients 2017

20 August 2016

We look forward to welcoming you to Food Ingredients Europe 2017. If you have any questions or would like to make a personal appointment please contact us.

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Gember lijkt effectief bij diabetes

19 June 2016

BAARN – Gember heeft krachten om bloedsuikerlevels onder controle te houden. Hierdoor kunnen mogelijk lange termijncomplicaties voorkomen worden. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van de University of Sydney.

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