Fi-Ji Ginger in the Food service

fi-ji gingerFor the food-serving industry, ginger is one of the most important herbs to use in their dishes. Chefs know how ginger can bring a fuller flavor to any dish. There are endless possibilities, like in pastry, with cheese and dairy, in sauces, dressings and marinade. Sole Picasso and ginger cream for desert are real classics. 


Stem Ginger cubes

15-17 mm | 720 grams

Delicious as a snack with coffee or tea, also a nice snack combined with cheese. Nice with the Sole Picasso or a chicken curry. Makes a pretty topping for cupcakes.


Stem ginger small dices

5-8 mm | 720 grams

Lovely on a sandwich or pancake, in curry and pasta sauce. A delicacy as an ice cream topping or with yogurt Great to use in cupcake batter – it can be used for just about anything.


Stem Ginger puree

<3 mm | 720 grams

Great product for sauces and pastry. With the right dosage, it's a great condiment for everybody.


Bottle Ginger Syryp

1000 ml

A great seasoning in marinade, soups, sauces, dressings, cocktails, ice cream, baked goods and with fish and meat.

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Crystallized Ginger cubes

15-17 mm | 12 x 400 grams

Fi-Ji Crystal Ginger is a delicacy with an exquisite flavor, with coffee or tea, or combined with cheese, dairy, pastry, sauces and dressings, fish and meat.


Premium slices

15-17 mm | 12 x 400 grams

A great snack, nice with coffee or tea. Combines well with cheese or pastry.


Chocolate ginger

15-17 mm | 6 x 240 grams

Great with coffee or tea, or as a snack.

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Nowadays, consumers will eat ginger as a healthy snack with their coffee or tea,
use it in many different dishes, or combine it with a cube of cheese.